Tinnitus Awareness

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Розробник: Shelley Bartlette

Interactive and Customisable Sound Meter alongside informative content to help look after your hearing.

Provides parents with peace of mind when taking children to noisy places such as concerts, festivals, discos etc.

Youll never need to worry about your childs hearing as the device will alert you when the noise is potentially too loud and give you advice on what action you should take.


• Practical advice and information to help protect your child’s hearing;
• Easy to use, professionally calibrated decibel sound meter;
• Quick glance current decibel indicator;
• Fun and playful customisable sound meter for children. Kids will love trying to make the face change expression and learn a valuable lesson while having fun;
• Vibrate alert which acts as a warning device when sound levels may be damaging;

Too much loud noise can damage your hearing. Tinnitus Awareness was created for parents with young children to help them understand the risks of noise exposure.

Tinnitus - a constant ringing, whistling, buzzing noise that cannot be cured, is often caused by loud noise and is almost entirely preventable. Help your child look after their hearing.

Tinnitus Awareness includes a professionally calibrated decibel sound meter, carefully designed to appeal to both parent and child. Sound levels are displayed visually using easy to understand information. An interactive cartoon face changes expression according to the level of sound measured. Your child will have fun making the face change expression and will learn a valuable lesson while experimenting. Customise the cartoon faces with your own images using our camera feature. A traffic light indicator provides a quick glance view of sound levels for ease of use. A vibrating alert informs the user when sound levels may be potentially damaging, and offers advice and guidance.

We provide a wealth of information, which we hope you will find useful, and offer a peace of mind that your child will have healthy hearing throughout their life.


The Tinnitus Awareness App was created by a senior lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University. As a tinnitus sufferer and mother, she has developed the project to help raise awareness and provide a device for parents to help keep their child’s hearing healthy.